Born and raised by wolves in the dripping netherworld of Cascadia, Jen Lorang merges the techniques and spirit of old craft and witchery to create modern day miscellany of enchanting and healing art creations. Her work is an attempt to connect her and her community to their primordial past, one of mutual reverence for spirit, nature, healing and beauty without appropriating cultures or turning art and sustainable living into an empty commodity. As a queer activist, she is dedicated to making art that supports the radical undercurrent by visually weaving the stories of ideas and communities working collectively towards the complete abolition of capitalism, the police state and patriarchy.

Influenced by the punk and d.i.y. ethos, Jen is a self taught illustrator and printer. She graduated from the Evergreen State College with a BA in bookarts and political theory and went on to collectively run Community Print, a non-profit letterpress and screen print shop in Olympia, Wa.

Jen now lives in Oakland, Ca, occupied oholone land.  she currently owns and runs Alchemilla, teaches bookbinding and printing to high school students, is the co-founder and organizer for Magic Makers queer arts  & craft fair. SHE spends her free time writing, drawing, surfing, hiking, and working with anti-racist organizing in support of the black lives matter movement.