Oh Hi!  I am Jen Lorang

 and I am

 the owner of Alchemilla. 

I have a small team of 4 women ( Becca, Rachel, Martha and Milani) helping with production and Voula helping me with management. Everything is made by hand in my small Oakland (occupied Ohlone Territory) Studio and I design everything from this website to the wax casted pieces to the clasps to the photography layouts myself. We are proudly queer, DIY(I started this company w/ $200 to my name, no art degree and no background in jewelry) and we are constantly working to be better at eradicating racism, sexism, classism and all other violent colonialist capitalist oppressions- as they show up in myself, ourselves and the systems that engulf us. 10% of our online sales go to local #BLM organizers specifically doing work around ending the PIC and gentrification.  Read more about us below and don't be a stranger- contact me with any questions, donation requests (yes!), trades- I am honored by this opportunity to vision and collaborate with all of you with love, creativity, and persistence towards a magical glimmering future <3